Innovative Web Design and Development: A Modern Twist to an Old Recipe | Web Design and Development

Here are a few pointers towards achieving innovation and perfection in the art of Website design and Development1. The Major Ingredients for Innovations in Website Design and DevelopmentWith rapid changes in the technology arena, a host of new technologies are coming up. Essentially languages and Platforms like HTML 5,CSS, PHP, Jquery, AJAX, Flex are required to make some innovative changes in the existing Web Development techniques. A good knowledge of these platforms with an urge to explore is required to make the perfect website2. Right Technologies for the Right Client RequirementLike with every good recipe, all ingredients should be as per the taste (read as Client Requirement).If a Website Design does not suit the client needs, it fails to meet its purpose.For Example: A Jeweler’s Website would require a Flash/Flex based interface to present the jewelry pieces and an easy navigation for the user to make online purchases. Lots of text, however brilliant the copy maybe would be considered irrelevant here.

Similarly, an e-commerce website would require continuous updates about the products, a clean design, active payment gateway, and ease of upload of products/prices. Unnecessary presentation elements would hamper the focused shopper, who is here to shop for the required items.Hence the discretion to use the right amount of text and visual elements lies with not just Designer or the Developer but has to be decided upon with and in consultation with the client.3. Presentation is very Important: Looks Nice, Will Work NiceLike for an appetizing dish the garnishing is very important, so is for a great website, the presentation is extremely important but in sync with the new technologies and as per the requirement of the intended user base.JQuery enabled Sideshows, Flash Galleries and a balanced color palate, all are important for enhanced customer experience.4. Not Just about Text and Images: Innovation Asks for moreToday’s Users are done with vanilla websites, they ask for a complete package in form of a one stop shop for all their needs. The website should have a host of utilities like Live Chat, Social Media Tools like (Facebook, Twitter, Skype etc),payment gateway for online shopping, Discussion Boards, Virtual Tours. These are required to keep the user hooked on to your site. A lot more condiments than just salt and pepper would be required to mark your presence on the web.5. A lot more than just the Web:Presence on Mobile PlatformsThe most innovations in the Website Design and Development is also due to the plethora of Mobile devices in the market. Your mere presence on the web is not enough. Technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 for the mobile platforms will help you be closer to your user base.

6. It’s not just about Marketing: It’s About the Passion for Web TechnologiesThe use of the latest development technology, the most user centered design, the most appealing content may make your website a perfect marketing tool, but If you want users to come back to your site and refer it further, you need to work with a dedication and real love for technology who would go beyond the set limits of design and development to give you the best in Innovative Web design and Technologies.The real difference between a good website and an awesome website is the passion the Website Designer and Developer has for the trade.

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A Step By Step Guide to Start a Freelance Career in Web Design and Development | Web Design and Development

Freelance website designing is a very promising field for website designers. It demands great will-power, powerful managerial tactics, highest level of dedication for job, can-do it attitude, very ambitious and, last, but not least, professional or technical efficiency in the respective region. To establish yourself as a freelance designer and professional website developers you must follow the steps given below.Make a plan before you Go Freelance:The first step for freelancing in any field is to do the necessary research about investments, requirements, etc. It is better to do the analysis and research on various aspects. Listed below is a quick check-list of investment you are going to need for a career in freelance website design and development business. Be sure to meet them all.1) Domain Hosting Services
2) Marketing and Advertisements
3) Various Software tools
4) A sitting space, high-speed internet and a desktop/laptop
5) Any Other RequirementsMake a clear plan on how to launch yourself for freelance business, discover the requirements and investments you are going to make, plan your website portfolio launch, and plan the marketing and advertisements tactics. Be sure, to have a neat and clear plan before anything else. A clear and good plan will lead you to great success.

Plan a portfolio / showcase website:As a freelancer you should have your own portfolio showcase. Having an online portfolio will help your esteemed customers analyze your earlier work, professional experience, terms and conditions, working style, etc. And please don’t underestimate the power of portfolio, it’ll be the first place from where you can either grab/attract a new customer or loose the one. Many freelancers are just formal with their own portfolio design. So, be nice and professional while designing your own portfolio website.Plan to make Offers and Discounts:It will be worthy to show off your price charts for different services, along-with any offers, discounts you can make to your clients. Various offers and discounts will surely prove a great source to drive more traffic and customers to you. Also, you can change your offer time-to-time.Clearly state your Terms and Condition and other legal documents:You will be working on your own terms and conditions, so don’t forget or feel shy to mention it. Working with clear statements will be very good for you and your customers. Also, having legality in job will be great for you and it’ll also prove your professionalism. Keep, neat and clean working contracts duly signed by both parties, i.e. you and your client.Decide a minimum Service Charge:Before quoting any project, assess the least charges for providing your services. Don’t over or underestimate your service charge. You know your own skills and extent to work best. So, make assessment of your skills and decide a minimum service charge before going on a deal.Plan Advertisements and Marketing:One of the most important steps of any business is advertisements and marketing. Make plan to Advertise and Market in both versions online and offline to attract the target audiences. Offline marketing may include newspaper advertisements, TV ads; mouth-publicity, etc. But offline marketing tends to attract the local audiences only. Online marketing of your website portfolio includes linking and advertising to various social networking websites, link building websites, social bookmarking websites, link exchange websites, news and press-release websites, email-marketing, posting articles, blogs writing, etc. Grab the internet traffic as much as possible. Use every aspects and trends of internet marketing and don’t bother to go for offline advertisements as well. Grow your network as much as possible. It’ll help you in getting more and more clients.

Keep Reviving and Updating your Skills:Finally, never be outdated in any technology. Be with the latest industry trends and follow the latest technologies in demand. Keep learning new trends and technologies of the industry.Conclusion:Hopefully, this article enlightens most of newbie’s web designer, developer to make a planned launch in freelance business. Freelancing in the web design is an exciting and demanding career, although it requires a mix between design, development, and management skills. Manage the three mixes and go a successful and bright freelance business.